Please make Expression Pedal 2 same as 1

Please make Expression Pedal 2 same as 1 next update. One for volume and one for wah.

What do you mean?
Both expression inputs can be assigned to whichever block you want, even multiple blocks, and to any combination of parameters within those blocks.

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we can’t toggle the toe switch between wah and volume pedal. Expression 2 only 0 and 100.

If you are using a single pedal with sweep and a toe switch, you can absolutely make a preset that switches between vol/wah…

Add wah block, assign sweep (EXP1) to wah, and button (EXP2) to bypass, set it to switch mode

Add gain block, assign sweep (EXP1) to gain and limit to max 50%, assign button (EXP2) to bypass, set to switch mode, and then invert.

Now when you click the toe switch it’ll toggle between wah/volume and the sweep will apply to both (but you’ll only hear the one that’s not bypassed)

No need for a new feature to do this.

Assign the bypass (toe switch on whichever EXP port you have it in) like in the image for both blocks, and then just hit invert range “on” for one of the blocks and leave the other “off” and they will toggle

Wah on, Volume off:

Then hit toe switch… Wah off, Volume on


thanks so much. You saved me !