How to add new volume utility with the wah

I have the Mission pedal with the exp1 and exp 2 control.

I’ve been able to use exp 1 for a wah but today (after new update with volume) I have been trying to utilize exp 2 for volume and I am unable to understand the bypass, what is on or off scenarios well enough to make it work for me.

Currently: exp1 wah on all of my presets and it’s on/of with pedal motion.
I want to toe tap to the physical switch to enable volume on exp 2.

I am comfortable if using volume turns off the exp 1 wah use.

Can anyone explain the way to accomplish this in a easy manner so I can comprehend it?

I’d be grateful.

Thank you!

If I understand correctly, then it’s not really possible to completely separate the two. You have two outputs on the mission, one is for expression and one is for switch. You can assign the exp output to volume and wah at the same time, but it will always control both. You can assign the switch to bypass on both volume and wah, so you can switch between them with the toe switch. But both will still be controlled by the same exp output.

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You can have one expression pedal, control both volume and wah. What I do is for the wah expression 2 (switch), I invert the bypass. This way, the default is volume, and when I engage the switch, it turns off the volume and turns on the wah. When I press the switch again, it will turn off wah and turn on volume, Works great so far.

Here is a pre-configured template for toggling back and forth between Volume block and Wah block
(just build the rest of your preset around it, or copy each block individually and paste them into a preset, they’ll retain their preconfigured settings):

If you use a pedal w/ a toe-switch, you’re good to go. Optional tweak- open the edit menu on the Vol block and choose ‘set parameters as default’ and you’ll never have to assign the Volume pedal to an XP again, it’ll be ready to go once you add it to the grid

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