Experiencing Static issue since updating to 2.2.0

I have recently updated my QC to 2.2.0 and have since been experiencing significant static issues when recording. I have extensively troubleshoot the problem by:

  • changing guitars
  • changing patches (including factory)
  • changing cables

I compared clean takes from a song I recorded a few weeks ago before the update and they are perfect and since the update I have been unable to use my QC for any recording which had backed up my ongoing projects massively.

Has this issue been reported to you from others? Is there a way to roll my device back to the previous OS while this gets addressed?

You didn’t mention if using PC/MAC but if PC, please ensure you have updated the NDSP ASIO driver to the most current. Also, I would recommend to adjust your sample size and see if that resolves the issue. Lastly, you might try to run in safe mode (setting within the NDSP ASIO control app) as that has helped others in the past. Worse case, email support@neuraldsp.com and have them log and help you resolve the issue.

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No way to roll back the OS presently, unfortunately.
It’s been requested though:

Haven’t heard yet if it is something they could implement or not

Have you tried rebooting with all connections unplugged? There were rumors of connector auto-sensing at start-up and that this could be the cause of extraneous noise for some. I never saw official confirmation of that, but some users claim it solves certain noise problems for them.

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Gave it a try but didn’t work! Thanks for the comment though.

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ah, bummer.
Do you have an audio file we could hear?

Nothing else has changed, pre-update? Same position in studio, no new gear/monitors/lights etc?

Nothing has changed since the update. A friend has the exact same issues with his QC as well since updating. I’ve attached a clip.

Thanks for your help.

(Attachment Untitled 5 - 19.10.2023, 20.17.m4a is missing)