Audio Interface problems since update

I have been using my QC as an audio interface on Zoom guitar lessons for a couple of years. Its been flawless with guitar into input 1, mic into input 2 and headphones. I hadnt used it for about 6 weeks due to the holidays but tonight on the first class back my sound is weird to others on the call. I can hear my voice clearly when i test in zoom but not the guitar. I can hear the guitar through the headphones but when i test the mic in zoom the guitar is in audible. The only thing that has changed is that ive updated the QC to the latest firmware. Anyone had similar problems?

Its difficult to know exactly but it sounds like you somehow possibly changed the USB settings in either the QC and or your PC. I would put some screen shots of how your PC/MAC audio I/O is processed and start there. Your other option is to email and see if they can walk you through the issue.

Thanks I did email support and waiting on a reply. However, I did some testing this evening and the QC works perfectly as an audio interface in Garageband which is leading me to think there is a problem with Zoom.

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I have never used the QC with Zoom, but it would only be supported if you could define the inputs/outputs the Zoom app uses. I know some users have successfully setup using OBS or similar software. Perhaps you can search here and on other forums for anyone who has that experience.