Dust Protection QC

Hi Guys,

I recently gigged with my qc at an open air. It was quite dry the days before. Afrer the show, my whole gesr was covered in dust and dirt. Now i am concerned about getting too much dirt inside the qc through the venting slots.

Any ideas how to protect it without blocking the airstream? Or am i just freaking out about nothing?

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I cannot think of a solution here. Since it surely is not good to cover the vent holes.

Blow the dirt out of the device carefully.

@YMH91 - I would reach out to support@neuraldsp.com to see if they can give you some suggestions if you’re concerned about it!

Wouldn’t it make more sense if Neural answers here in this thread? Isn’t this forum to share information about the QC?


The bulk of my gigs are in dusty, hot outdoor venues. So far my QC has been performing like a champ…!!

So far i also havent had any problems. But we are talking about an almost 2k piece of gear.
I want it to hold up as long as possible.

Thought about adding a ultra thin metal mesh fabric. I used some of those for my pc.

As long as it’s dust it should be harmless for the electronics, I guess. If you ever opened a PC after some years of use there’s a lot of dust inside and it works perfectly fine. More often than not electronics are not wather-sealed, even in outdoor-used devices. I would just take a vacuum cleaner with a brush nozzle and vacuum the outside of the unit after outdoor use in dusty environments.

It would be interesting to know if NeuralDSP did any endurance tests with their rotary encoder foot switches in particularily dusty conditions.

this - there are no moving parts or fans, and therefore nothing for the dust to really DO short of some weird scenario or an absurd amount blocking heat transfer.

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Company called Decksaver in UK make clear polycarbonate dust covers for synths and DJ gear. I contacted them about tooling up to make a Quad Cortex cover. They need more enquires from QC users. So please spread the word and hit them up.