Dust cover

I’m not sure what does or doesn’t count as spam in this forum so I’m not linking to the shop, but I bought a dust cover for the QC from a company in Bulgaria a week or so ago and it arrived yesterday. It’s overkill for the task at hand - a plastic bag or a bit of cloth would do the same thing for my use case - but I think this is quite nice. I like the cutout at the back, the images online were of a much smaller cutout. This is better. Anyway, it’ll help keep the dust off, even though that’s not really a big deal since the device doesn’t have a fan. The cover is black, but for some reason my iPhone makes it look more gray.


Does the top open up at all or is this just for using one patch at home without the need to change settings?

also, I’m guessing the device doesn’t need a fan because it has vents…? Surely blocking the vents could cause it to overheat?

You wouldn’t use this powered on - I wouldn’t even use it on standby if standby generates heat (I haven’t tried). It’s just a cover to throw on the thing when you’re not using it, to protect it from dust or similar - really nothing more than that. It’s not fixed to the device in any way, you just drop it on top of the QC. It’s a very loose fit.

Ahh, I see. No problem