Dumble style Amps? New Owner…

I was wondering - would it be possible to capture the Dumble module without a cab? I’d be interested in playing with that lead sound through different IRs. I’m curious to hear the difference.

Hi. Yes I would like to try that too if you have time :slight_smile:

Mark, I think cutting through a mix has a lot to do with miking, last night I was checking out on youtube, what the Dumble sound is all about, to tell you the truth, I’m not sure, anyways I have 8 modules lying around, amongst them a Tweed Deluxe and a Bassman, Bassman is my fav, I can make you a Fender capture for clean tones, I have not found a way to get them louder though, I tried to capture the Dumble clean louder last night, to no avail, I have made captures of pre amps, power amps and cabs separate but these captures are not so useful as my guitar input level was way too high, I will redo them, but as a starter I will capture the Dumble amp without a cab so you can use your own ir, I am a gearhead, got many amps and cabs to combine, I will put them for grabs in the near future, miked and DI’d, the latter is easier as it takes me to an half hour to position the mikes, anyways, I am honored it is of use for you, I’ll let you know when I post my captures, greetings from the continental side of the Channel.

I humbly accept, lol, I will let you know when I post them, I will post a few others in the near future too, miked and DI’d, what I will have to do is make captures miked and DI them with the same settings to make it apples to apples, hoping it will serve you.


Hi there my Dutch (?) friend

Thank you for doing this. It is much appreciated. I am from the UK but spend the winters in the sunny South West of the US playing in a band with friends. Will be back in the UK in April.

Any captures you have I would love to hear. I too am a bit of a collector! :slight_smile:

I will be setting to this weekend, to try and capture some of the many, many Kemper profiles I have before I sell it on.

Stay safe and pls do let me know if you find time to capture any other of your great amp collection.

Best wishes

Yes Mark, Holland here, sounds wonderful to me, winter sucks, I bet you’re having a wonderful time in SW US, sun, sun, sun, holy smokes, anyways I did a clean DI capture, it came out even softer than the miked one, I’ll go through my library and post some more captures for you guys, here is the deal: Dumble_lead is a miked capture with a lil less gain than the previous lead, Dumble lead No Cab is Di’d of Dumble_lead, same settings, and Dumble crunch is DI, can’t mike now as it is late here and I don’t want the neighbors banging the wall or have the police paying me a visit, have a good time m8.

They are on the cloud for you to try, Dumble_lead is a miked capture with a lil less gain than the previous lead, Dumble lead No Cab is Di’d of Dumble_lead, same settings, and Dumble crunch, hope you like em, i will see what i can find that is worthwile.


Thank you! I’ll be playing with this later today!

I have used a Glaswerks amp for many years. My go to clean sound is to go for something D style. I have been very satisfied with using the Captain 50 Clean: Morgan® SW50® Clean on the QC. I add a Zendrive capture and the 808 or Myth Drive block for boosting. I use the Zendrive capture from jpenney or Quasimono. I’m away from the QC so I can’t say which of them but try both if you like.

I checked out that Glaswerk amp, i had never heard of it, that thing is build like a Dumble, that is sturdier than a tank, sounded great with loads of switches and stuff.

Hey guys,
Some advice pls….

I hooked up my Kemper this weekend to capture some of my profiles into my shiny new QC. (And post them for the QC cloud)
Process went all good. Much fiddling with levels but eventually found setting that gave a similar sound from QC and Kemper
QC feels really flat, kinda lifeless compared to the same thing on Kemper.

Is this normal? Maybe the Kemper profiles had some Reverb baked in and the QC capture stripped it out. Hard to describe but the capture just feels ‘dead’ in comparison.

Any thoughts?

First, make sure that you’re only trying to capture things like gain staging and eq. The QC (currently) can’t capture reverb etc.

Second, the general claim is that it’s somehow more difficult for the QC to capture other modeler devices (Fractal, Kemper etc) compared to analog hardware. I personally don’t know why this is the case, but that’s the reported experience of many users. Someone might chime in with their experience and maybe offer some more useful advice…

Maybe it’s the ‘Multiplicity’ effect? Copy of a copy, and all that?
The only other link in the chain you might consider looking at would be the cables- are you using high-quality connections?

I’ve had the same experience. The kemper doesn’t capture that well - and the QC doesn’t have the low end grunt that kemper profiles do, for better or worse

Hey thanks for that. Using Mogamo top notch cables so don’t thing it is that.

Yes I think you may be right. I can dial in the capture to be closer by adding a little to end and volume. That gets it closer. So I am pretty happy with it now.
So much easier to use than a Kemper. And that for me is worth a lot.

Yes that is probably true. I figured it would effectively just treat the Kemper like a pedal.

you will also be able to find captures that you probably like better anyways, honestly!

Hey, yes I have pretty much give up on trying to get all my profiles captured. The ones I did seemed really low in volume and pretty lifeless. I must be doing something wrong but hard to see what it is.
Rather than just keep banging my head against the wall I am just going to dive in to the QC amps & captures. Also, I have downloaded a few from QC Cloud and they seem really good, way better than I achieved. So Im done with the Kemper. It will be on Reverb tonight. QC all the way! :slight_smile: