Dumb Newby question about Send/Receive

Hello my fellow Quad Cortexians. Silly question but I thought I would ask it anyways…

IF I wanted to have my QC run into my stereo receiver in stereo would I and could I use the Send or Receive on the effects loop to do that? Thanks again for being there.

You should be able to use the Sends, though I don’t know why you would want to. (Perhaps you are saving Outputs 1-4 for other purposes?) The Return jacks are not configured to be able to send signals.

EDIT: Use the Send block, NOT the FX Loop block for this.

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Hey man,
Thanks for the kind response. Yeah, I am a lazy guy and I want to leave my Output 1 to go to my Line 6, 112 power amp and then have the option of running through to my stereo without pulling any plugs out… and just now I realized I could use my XLR cable to my 112, instead of a guitar cable and then use the 3/4 for stereo to my receiver. Big duh. I was not thinking about the XLR cable at all. I don’t even know if I said that right. So if I have multiple outputs selected then I should be able to play out through my stereo receiver and/or PowerCab 112 without unplugging anything. Much appreciated brother. Thanks. I am a really smart guy, but this technology is really stupid. :wink:

Make sure you dial back the output levels for 3&4 to around -10db. This should give you a good hot signal from 1 or 2 to drive your L6 cab but a low enough signal that you won’t overdrive the unbalanced, line level inputs on your receiver. You can always readjust if needed.

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Thanks man. I was aware that the XLR runs hotter. That is right? The XLR runs hotter? I would probably not use them at the same time. When I unhook everything and play at church I use he XLR into the front of house. – If you think you are smart try doing electricity. hehe. I think that is a paraphrase from Thomas Edison… Or it might have been the Tesla dude… :wink:

Correct, balanced line level (XLR, 1/4" TRS) is usually referenced to +4db and unbalanced is usuall referenced to -10db but there are so many exceptions it’s a grain-of-salt rule-of-thumb. Also, balanced mic inputs are usually referenced to around -20db but that varies in a huge way…hence the trim pot and gain boosters for ribbon mics.

As for the paraphrase, I think that was Edison’s uncle Larry. :crazy_face: