Separate Stereo FX Loop on Current Jacks

Since the QC sends/returns are currently TRS, can they not be 2 separate stereo loops?

Would be nice to run 2 effects in series or parallel, either mono or stereo.

Yup, you can do two effects loops - either stereo or mono

Are you saying that I can use a TRS to 2 TS cable and get stereo in/out of Send and Return 1 only?

Edit to clarify in/out in stereo on one send and one return

Ah - misunderstood your question. From what I gathered, the TRS input is for balanced input, so you can do two mono loops from what I understand, or a stereo loop. Might be wrong though. I’ve got mine set up in stereo and two pedals in parallel as I didn’t have enough TRS patch cables

Theoretically though, I think you might be able to (but I’m not sure if the effects loop program allows for this).

SEND1/SEND2: TRS outputs that allow you to connect Quad Cortex to stereo monitors, FRFR cabinets, PA systems, pedals, and more. “TRS to TS” cables are also supported to attenuate hum.

  • SEND LEVEL KNOB: Sets the output level.

  • OUT LEVEL [dB]: Output signal meter.

  • LIMITER [dB]: Gain reduction meter. Allows you to bring up the level without allowing the peaks to clip the output.

  • RET1/RET2: Line inputs that allow you to connect your pedals orinstruments through TRS cables.

    • RET LEVEL KNOB [dB]: Sets the input gain.
    • GROUND LIFT SWITCH: Enable to help reduce or eliminate noise caused by ground loops in audio cables or other sources.
    • RET LEVEL: Input signal meter.

I’m currently away and won’t be back until Monday, but might be interesting to try

No. I’ve tried it. They are TRS balanced but still only mono. So, yes, you need to use Sends 1 and 2 to make stereo.

My request is seeing if a firmware upgrade could utilize those jacks since they’re already TRS.


Interesting question! Hard to answer without knowing how the Sends are hardwired to the rest of the QC. If the physical capability is there, then theoretically a firmware upgrade could make this happen and allow two stereo sends. In other words, only requiring a single Send for a stereo output (the QC has 2 Sends). That and a TRS to 2 TS cable (or two cables, for two stereo sends) as you mentioned.

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Revisiting this topic. If I’m to understand, if I wanted to put my Strymon Cloudburst into the QC FX loops and have stereo would I have to use both sends and returns of the QC? 2 separate trs (from cloudburst) to 2 ts cables each (into QC)?

You’ll have to use a splitter cable, stereo TRS to 2 x TS.

QC send 1 and 2 (TS) into Cloudburst (TRS).

Same for QC returns.

TRS in & TRS out in FX loops … It makes perfect sense to have two loops wired in this manner and it’s poor foresight. I agree it needs amending in a future upgrade and soon. For such an expensive unit wanting to wear the crown it’s very much the professional/studio way of doing things too!

I totally agree with you.

We need to be asking about what’s going on at the QC’s hardware level:

Do each of the FX Loop jacks have two ADC or DAC converters (to process two signals)? Then yes, it should be possible to implement this.

Do the FX Loop jacks have only one ADC or DAC converter each? Then no.

Would vote for this if i had more votes.