'Double tracker' effect with parallel amps and cabs w/mono delay?

Hi all,

New QC owner here, and I’m trying to replicate the rig I have setup in ‘other’ modellers.

This is a dual amp and cab in parallel setup, with a mono delay of 30ms after the 2nd cab, and they then merge again.

However, when I add a 100% wet simple delay on the QC, the volume is impacted dramatically - I’m also not confident that it’s not impacting the tone in some way. I’ve got the cabs panned hard left and hard right, and it works like a charm from that angle, it’s just the delay that seems wrong.

Is there a way to do this with no loss of tone etc.?

Managed to do it. For anyone else wondering:

  • Splitter before the amps
  • Simple mono delay after second cab block in parallell path, set to 100% wet, no trails, no feedback, 30ms delay
  • Merge set to pan A 50L and pan B 50R