Dont see focusrite scarlett and input/output on audio settings

I just downloaded the free trial of the nolly archetype demo and I want to setup the audio for it but I don’t see my focusrite scarlett solo in the options to select for input and outputs. How do I do this?

Hey Alex,

Open your stand alone version of the app, then choose ‘Audio setup’, then under Audio device type you need to choose ‘ASIO’, then in Audio device drop down menu you should see ‘Focusrite USB ASIO’. Of course, you have to install the Scarlett audio drivers first (but I assume you’ve done that)

FYI - in the active input channels Input 1 is dry and Input 2 is wet.

Hope this works for you!

Hey Jim,

Problem I have is when i try to install the focusrite contro software it gets stuck on the USB driver installation. It just hangs there and don’t finish the installation.

Hello, @alex.gilgenbach. Please, try installing the Focusrite Control Driver with your audio interface unplugged.

If the installation finishes normally, restart your system and plug your audio interface. Then make sure you have the correct device enabled on your system sounds (Start > Type “Control panel” and click it > Hardware and Sound > Sound). Your audio device should be enabled with a green checkmark on the “Playback” and “Recording” tabs. Make sure you have only one audio device running at a time.

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