Darkglass Ultra Plugin

Hi there,
I’m using wind 10 64Bit.
I’m having an issue with the standalone Plugin. It doesn’t correspond with my Focusrite Scarlett Solo.
I don’t get any processed signal and cannot tune my bass via the standalone plugin.
When using my DAW (Reaper) I first have to do a record and can only then use the plugin for sounds and tuning. NOT before.
Any thoughts?
Greetings from Germany

Hi Oliver,

can you post your audio settings? The selected driver should be ASIO and the selected input channel(s) should correspond to the channel you plug in your instrument. Same with the output channels/speakers.

Greetings, Dennis

Hi Dennis,
cheers for coming back to me that fast!

Attached find my audio settings in the Darkglass Plugin.

Hope that helps.

Hi Dennis,

Attached find my audio settings for Reaper 64Bit
I just installed the latest driver for my Scarlett Solo 1st Gen Interface, too.


Hi @oliver.sodtke. Did you try disabling the input you’re not using?

Aaah - cheers - I just disabled the 2nd Input in the standalone Plugin

and had signal plus tuning options right away - easy fix

Thanx again Gonzalo!

Best regards from Germany

@oliver.sodtke No problem!