Do not auto engage new blocks on all scenes when adding them

So when I have a Patch with a couple of scenes but I wan to add a new amp and only have it on in a certain scene, at the moment I have to go over every single scene and bypass that new amp block.

There should be a toggle on screen that switches between global/scene behavior.
So that newly added blocks are only active in the scene they have been added to.

Yes! This is so irritating. I often forget and then sh*t my pants when I switch scenes and realise my sound is all messed up. This would be so helpful.

I believe if you switch to preset mode when adding, the state you set there will be used as the default state when switching back to scene mode. So, add and set the default state (disabled or whatever) in preset mode, and then switch back to scene mode

I tried that and set to bypassed but it still was engaged in all scenes after.

Yeah. There really needs to be a toggle on the upper screen that is the symbol of a globe. When its bright white all settings, new blocks etc are made for the whole preset and all scenes, if its greyed out the changes are made for all scenes but only activated for the current one.

That way you could activate the globe and have the ability to turn fx on/off for the whole preset like if you change guitar and want to de-tune the guitar on all scenes etc.