Apply to all scenes option?


Sometimes with the QC, I make a great preset. Today I made one, and edited 8 different scenes for it, activating different pedals at different times. Unfortunately, after doing all this I decided I want to add a compressor. I added it to the beginning of my chain, played around with the settings, and got it sounding how I wanted. However, as soon as I select any of the other 7 scenes, the compressor block is back to default settings, meaning I have to go through 7 more times changing the settings on it.

Perhaps it would be cool to have an apply to all scenes option?

This is technically possible already - although I did think it should be easier to set a module/pedal/device up and then be able to “apply to… (select the scenes you want to apply to).

As for as exactly what you’re talking about - there’s a workaround. Go to your ‘default’ scene (whatever scene you where on when you last saved), setup the (eg) compressor in there - when the little ABCD icon pops up - click it, and click - ‘de-assign’ (or whatever it is). This effectively sets every scene to the default scene (hopefully the scene you are editing), rather than changing one scene. You’ll need to do this for every parameter that has a ABCD by it

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Also, editing a block in preset mode will apply the setting across all scenes.

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