Distorted/fuzzy sound when using plug ins and nothing has helped to fix this

Hi everyone,
I have tried the standalone Soldano and Mesa Boogie versions and both have sounded fuzzy/distorted. Doesn’t matter what preset or what I do to the amp, it sounds like listening to a radio signal with poor, distorted quality. This distorted sound only occurs when I actually play.

My gear – Jackson Dinky Arch Top JS22– Xtone Pro – Macbook (version 12.5 Monterey).

I’ve read this guitar has hot pickups so I thought that could contribute to my problem, but when I plug into my Fender Mustang Amp, it plays beautifully. I tried recreating a very distorted sound with the Fender amp but it still sounds much better than the plugins. I also tried the same set up with Tonebridge on my Macbook but there is no distorted sound when playing.
Other thing’s I’ve tried:
Turning down the volume on the guitar, Xtone Pro, and the plug in, but the distorted sound is still there, just lower. I have also tried messing around with a gate and lowered the gain to no avail. I’ve moved around the room while I play, distancing myself from any electronics, turning off wifi, lights, checking outlets, anything I have found online that could interfere with the sound but it still sounds extremely buzzy and distorted.

I’ve tried 2 different headphones (not studio quality ones), standard Dell PC speakers and the sound is always distorted. The headphones sound fine when plugged into my Fender amp.
I recently got my guitar serviced and it sounds great by itself and with my Fender Mustang amp.

I’ve searched high and low for a solution and can’t find anyone with a similar issue. I’ve read the quality of the usb port on the Mac can be an issue, but I am not sure if that is the problem. The Macbook is 6 years old but the plug in functions well.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I love these plug ins and am really excited to get one but can’t seem to figure out this problem.

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Did you find a fix for this?