White noise even without any input


I’m trying to get rid of my amps and switch to digital, but I’m having issues with white noise when using plugins.

I’ve tried multiple guitars, a couple of scarlett interfaces, different laptops, different locations (i.e. moving to a different building), different plugins, but all of them produce so much noise it’s borderline unusable.

When I use clean sounds, everything’s perfect. When I turn the gain/distortion up, the noise becomes almost as loud as the guitar sound itself.

What I don’t understand, is why plugins produce noise even when there is literally no input? I.e. when I unplug my guitar from the interface completely?

I’m just using one of the Plini presets with the noise gate turned off. As you can see, there’s 0 input, but there’s a pretty significant noise output.

Here’s a recording of the noise with nothing plugged in the interface:

Here’s the noise with the guitar plugged in:

I’d appreciate any help. Thank you.

Hi @MoarPizzaPls and welcome to the community! I haven’t heard and or seen that issue occurring on the forum so probably best to reach out to support@neuraldsp.com and they will get you sorted. My guess is that you may need to tweak the sample size but it’s just a guess.

I am having that very same issue, and its driving me nuts for ages now. I tried all I could, incl. pushing my decimator sitting right before my interface to the max etc… but as with your issue, it happens even with nothing plugged in.
it seems that the noise is being created from within the pc in combination with the distortion of the neural software.
After reading your comment, i am having a certain thought what might cause the problem.
Is there a non-laptop pc you could try out? Needs to be non-small-form-factor ( I myself own one of those)

I’ve tried this with a full-sized desktop PC and two different laptops. The recordings above were recorded on the desktop PC.

oh shoot, damn.
thats on thing i couldnt try in lack of one.
Man i really want to fix this, i am currently thinking about going back to amps or multi fx….
did you shoot an email to neural back then?

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update - for me the noise is almost completely gone now, i turned the gain ruler of my interface all the way down and deactivated the 48V switch!

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I’ve got the 48V switch turned off, and if I turn the interface gain all the way down, I can’t record anything and the noise is there anyway :smiley:. I’ve noticed that turning gain up increases the noise output substantially even though the plugin still shows no input at all.

I might email Neural in the future but for now I just gave up on using plugins.

Hi there.
I found your post because I have the same problem…
Have you found a solution to this? Or did they provide you with a solution?