Discard Scene Changes Unless I save Them

Currently, if you switch to Stomp Mode from Scene mode, and turn something on, it will stay on when you return to the scene, even if you didn’t save anything. A scene should load the scene as it was saved every time the scene is selected. At minimum, it should be selectable to discard scene changes unless they are saved.

Just to make it very clear. I would prefer that any change requires an intentional Save of the preset containing the Scene. I very much dislike that I can load a preset and play around with a few scenes’ devices and without any intention on my part, those changes are saved.

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Yes, exactly that.

Helix has a global config to switch between discarding changes and saving them. This is nice because when I’m building scenes, I very much want it saving them. But once I’m gigging with them, I want them to stay locked down.

Helix does have this ability and I am always frustrated after an update that I need to tell helix to discard snap shot changes. :slight_smile: I am kidding really, a global setting like helix would work for me too but I will double down that for me, I want scene changes to be 100% deterministic.

If this is implemented, I’d hope they make it optional as on Helix. While you may (or may not) want scenes to revert when performing, I definitely do not want them to revert when dialing in presets. If it reverts and I edit a scene that’s not the default, I have to switch to the default scene and save to keep it as the default scene. If I forget to save prior to changing scenes, I’ve just lost my work.

You might think that the solution to my concern is having the edited scene state retained until the scene is revisited but that’s an unintuitive behavior that’s likely to lead users to report that behavior as a bug.

My unit doesn’t save scene changes if I leave the preset without saving and return to it, but it does keep the changes live when browsing the scenes in the preset before saving. Is that expected behaviour? i think you want to be able to test out scene changes within a preset before saving your preset so you can have a good idea that settings across all 8 scenes are changing as expected when you scroll through each scene.