Reset scenes after going to stomp mode

Is there a way to reset scenes after going to stomp mode? One issue I found gigging is say if randomly I want an effect block on during a song and I didn’t program it for that preset / scenes. I quickly go to stomp mode and turn on the effect block I want. Now when I go back to scene mode that effect block is still on. It would be great if whenever you go back to scene mode the scenes reset to their original state.

That actually makes a lot of sense to me.
Maybe to cater both options, there could be added a “lock scene(s)” switch you could turn on and off, so that stomps will either change or revert when going to scenes.

(You could turn this post into a feature request and vote on it.)

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Now a feature request! This would be a GREAT addition to the unit.

Love your idea of a scene lock. Options make users happy

Indeed. The Helix has Snapshots, which are their version of Scenes. You can set the parameters if you want the Snapshots to either “Recall” or “Discard” mode. Recall mode means when you make changes, to stomp states they will persist when you switch to different snapshots and back. If you leave the preset without saving it, the next time you load the preset it’ll be like when you last saved it (it reverts). Discard means when you switch from one snapshot to another, when you go back it’ll be like it was the last time you deliberately saved the preset.

I was told we will be able to choose whether we want the stomp state to persist or revert regarding scenes in an update (hopefully this next one)


I think this feature request is also resolved, no?

Yes 2.0 addressed and solved this. :metal::metal::metal:

One thing I would still want to have in hybrid mode (stomp/scenes): after turning on some stomps I want to clear them and go back to the original state of the scene.
Atm I can only do that by changing scenes and go back to the scene I was prior. (Even when having the option of not saving changes in the menu).

It should reload the scene by pressing the same scene switch again.

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Hmmm great point. Although would we rather that functionality as you suggested? or a second scene state on second press or even better user option to decide.

This feature has been met in my opinion with the 2.0 update. Stomp behavior is now user configurable.

where do you configure the way it behaves?

From the changelog:
Scene Bypass State Behavior

It is now possible to control whether the bypass state of blocks in Scenes is saved when changing its bypass state in Stomp Mode, Hybrid Stomp Mode, via MIDI, or via the touchscreen. This setting is accessed via the Device Options screen.

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