Default scene should not be affected on save

Hi! It would be nice to have the possibility to set a default scene within a preset, no matter what the last saved scene was.

When I select preset 1, I’d like to see scene E as first selected scene. But if I jump to scene F and press Save, now scene F will be the first scene proposed when i select preset 1.

Default scene for the preset is then set every time a Save is issued on current scene. That’s a bit annoying since it will force to save twice almost every time (if you are not editing your preferred default scene): 1 for the parameters change and 1 for setting back the default scene.

You don’t have to save twice, FWIW, you just have to remember to flick to your preferred scene before saving.

If I move to another scene without saving first I loose the changes made on current scene.

You won’t, though. Moving to another scene shouldn’t reset your changes in the previous one. I do it all the time

I use “Do not overwrite bypass state…” on CorOS 2.0.3.

Select scene A, disable a block and save. Then enable the same block. Then select scene B and go back to scene A: the block is disabled as expected.

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