Disable a block not assigned to a stomp

Disclaimer: this a low level functionality, it’s more a UI improvement, probably edge case, definitely not a game changer.

Currently if you are working in stomp mode, and are still experimenting a new rig with different effect, you might quickly find yourself in a situation where all stomps are assigned and you are still testing.

If you want to compare 2 different amp block for instance you may want to turn on ON and then switch to the second etc.

If a block is not assigned to any stomp (because none are available) there is actually no way to turn On or OFF a block…

Current workaround is to assign the block to a stomp (that’s taken), turn it ON or OFF, then reassign the stomp switch to its previous block. This does not make sense in a workflow, actually its not a flow.

One easy integration would be to add a similar touch option (just like the BYPASS of scene) that would turn ON or OFF on each block no matter if they are assigned or not.

Already requested here: Bypass Screen Button in Stomp mode

correct, just gave it my vote!