Bypass Screen Button in Stomp mode

For some reason, when in Stomp mode and selecting a device to adjust parameters, the “bypass” button - normally next to “done” button - is missing. This is extremely frustrating and unnecessary:

  • It is possible to have more blocks than footswitches, in which case you can’t bypass blocks that are not assigned to switches
  • Inconsistent UX breaks muscle memory from working in the other two modes
  • changing modes just to bypass a block that isn’t assigned to switches, then switching back to stomp mode - is frustrating.

Really the bypass should be a double tap or other screen gesture at the block location, even a double tap after you have to single tap to make the target known/open menu below would be easy to learn and instinctive. I just tried it and it seems like it would work well and not get in the way of everything else they have going on in any mode.


agree, but that’s a different issue.

I was thinking that if they made the double tap a bypass they could make it uniform over all modes and eliminate the bypass ‘button’ on the other two modes.

If you are going to bypass a block you are looking at the block, and you just tapped it to highlight it…so then moving your eyes and finger to a second location is more complex than simply tapping once to highlight it and then repeat the action in a double tap that requires no new target acquisition with eye/hand…
Except the Cab block, it would need to be an exception or else resized to allow the row to persist like the other blocks do…

Agreed, but I would still want a bypass button on the parameters screen:

  • Want to hear changes and compare to dry when editing params
  • Params screen is going to block some to all (cab) of the grid view anyway.

Hey DL,

Yes, your suggestion as written, for the reasons you listed is what I would like to see as well.

This will also streamline making adjustments to a block for the entire preset while saving active blocks for a scene. Currently it is a bunch of back and forth, and any change made in scene mode only applies to that scene unless you unselect each parameter, and of course then it defaults to the settings for the default scene… blah blah… you get the point.

Yeah, the Scene management needs an overhaul. I NEVER want changes to be saved to Scene automatically.


Yes, it’s called Scene Revert.

I opened a thread here asking for this feature.