Allow Block/Stomp Bypass state to be assigned/unassigned from Scenes

In the same why that parameters can be unassigned from a scene and be global preset changes, it would be nice to have the option to unassign Block/Stomp bypass state from scenes and be global. This would allow for the option to either:

  1. (When assigned to scenes) have the scene overwrite Block/Stomp state, enabling or disabling the Block/Stomp based on the scene settings
  2. (When unassigned to scenes) have the scene ignore Block/Stomp state, where enabling or disabling Blocks/Stomps will persist across all scenes

Real world scenario, I have multiple Amp Neural Captures loaded in a preset that I use scenes to change via Midi Control (Morningstar MC6). I would like to use Stomp Mode like a pedalboard, with Drive, Chorus, NuVibes, Reverb, or other effects that I can engage and have their state persist when I change scenes (Amps). This works already for the most part, but I have found that the behavior is inconsistent, with Block/Stomp state being overwritten by at least one scene (not all scenes). Having the option to unassign/assign bypass state from scenes should make this behavior consistent.