Delays / Verbs

So, anyone know when there are going to be some more useable verbs and delays. I mean the ones we have are ok, but very basic. I love plate reverb, but these don’t really come close so far to a good plate, also shimmer verbs and other variations are needed. Really these are just basics and the QC should already have this stuff in place.

Doug said (in a thread over on TGP) that 1.1.0 is going into beta and should be released next week with over 100 changes. He said 1.2.0 will introduce a bunch of new models. He didn’t specify anything, and it wasn’t clear if there will be new models in 1.1.0, though, or exactly what new models will be in 1.2.0 or when it would be released.

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Thanks for the reply.

It’s good that Neural are looking at updates, off. But it’d be nice to know what’s coming and roughly when.