Darklass Ultra - Preset Switching Issue - different sound

Hiya and happy friday, i hope you are doing well.

i just found weird thing with the Darklass Ultra Plugin
for example, the preset Forrester Savell - i Want Bass VDU
it does sound different depending on which preset i have used before
like, when i´m coming from the previous Preset “i want Bass B7U”, and go back to it the sound then is full and dark, but when im coming from the preset after it “Mids to the Front VDU”, and comming back to it, the sound is unlike the other one.

also when i´m switching from a very other preset, i get different results. most of the time, not always, so really strange

on this preset “i Want Bass VDU” it was the most obvious for me, like if not all parameters of the plugin effect got set proberly

and its a replicable issue on my system
(Windows 10 64Bit, Cubase 10.5 Pro, also tried with another DAW (ploque bidule) and its the same their), cant try the standalone version due the thunderbolt asio issue though

can you also replicate this on your end?

all the best and have a good weekend

Hi @chrrz. I was able to replicate it. As you suggested, it’s probably due to some parameters not loading correctly. it should sound as expected if you move the Model switch back and forth.

Thanks again for notifying us. I’ll inform the development team about it.


Thank you very much @Gonzalo!

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