All plugins not working properly

Im running Nolly and Darkglass ultra. Most of the time i will get the plugin to produce the correct tone for a couple seconds of playing then it cuts out to clean tones. Ive changed multiple settings and it always cuts out like this, please help lol.

Hi @bassplaya97. Are you on Windows or macOS? Does it happen the same with both standalone and plugin formats?

hi there im running on windows 10… not to sure what standalone would mean in this case but it happens as soon as i startup either plugin.

Check if it happens the same with the plugin formats (inside a DAW). If it doesn’t, it might be an issue with that specific ASIO driver.

I’m sorry in advance i’m very new to all of this but i cant figure out how to change the audio settings like this in reaper?

No problem. In Reaper, you need to go to Options > Preferences > Devices. Once you’re there, set the audio system to ASIO.

so i followed the steps changing it to my apollo arrow and it crashed once i did that. now reaper isnt opening…

Do you have any additional audio device/onboard audio enabled at the widnwos audio settings? I think that’s a common issue when your system doesn’t share the same settings as the ASIO driver. Try restarting your system and open Reaper again.

Also, check this related article:

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hello again, and no additional devices. I also restarted the computer and still cant get into reaper…
I also cant seem to open the link you sent me unfortunately. cant seem to wrap my head around why I cant get the effects to work with the Plugins themselves.


The “sound cutting out” issue with the standalone application (the one you open by double-clicking on the desktop icon) is a driver related problem, but the plugin versions (the ones you open inside a DAW, like Reaper) should work just fine. Unfortunately, now Reaper also crashes after selecting the UAD ASIO driver, so let’s fix that.

To get Reaper to open again, you need to delete the REAPER.ini settings file:

  • Go to C:\Users\Your user profile\AppData\Roaming\REAPER (You may need to enable view hidden files and folders to find the AppData folder)

  • Delete the REAPER.ini file. It should look like this:

    reaper settings file

  • Now, open Reaper, go to Options > Preferences > Devices and uncheck "Allow projects to override device sample rate"

  • Switch the audio system to ASIO, select your interface at ASIO driver, and select the sample rate and buffer size from the UAD software. I think you can open it by clicking on “ASIO Configuration…”

There’s a thread on the Reaper forums that explains how to solve the same issue with UAD:

Let me know if it works.

Hi again, it took me forever to figure out the whole hidden folders thing. I got to that folder, but i cant seem to find that reaper file.

It’s right there. The first one after the folders:

reaper settings file2

that worked its open! Now im guessing that i need to figure out a good sample rate to stop the crackling with the active plugin lol

Appreciate all the help!

Awesome! yes. Try going for 44100 Hz and 128 - 256 samples.

Also, take a look at the optimization guide for Windows.