Darkglass Ultra 3.0.0

[3.0.0] – November 29th 2019 – To ensure a setup without problems, we recommend to make a clean install of this software. Please uninstall the previous version before installing this update.


– AUTO DEMO was implemented. Trials no longer need an activation code to be activated.
– BUILT-IN TUNER is now available in both versions, plug-in and standalone.
– The standalone version received MIDI SUPPORT. Now you can assign MIDI commands to control plug-in parameters, UI components, and presets files.
– CLICKABLE ARROWS were implemented to improve the preset navigation.


– This installer moves your old user presets to the current default path location [WIN: C:/ ProgramData / Neural DSP – MAC: MacintoshHD / Library / Audio / Presets / Neural DSP /]
– STEREO MODE #1: Stereo Switch now pans the microphones internally as dual instance.
– STEREO MODE #2: To ensure retro-compatibility with old audio sessions, we didn’t add volume compensation when you turn on both microphones at the cab section.


– Multiple bugs are now fixed to improve stability, graphic performance, and audio issues.

If you experience any bugs, errors or crashes, please contact our support team at support@neuraldsp.com.


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Anybody having issues with this pluging after the most recent update in Logic Pro x?

Hello, @kyle.grossi14. Please describe your issue in detail.

i recently updated the dark glass plugin.When i place the plugin in logic to enhance my DI signal the sound of the overall projects gets very slow and a pop up screen comes into logic saying that the sample rate is in the 26,000 range versus the 44.1 that i have the interface, plugin and logic all set to.
this doesn’t make any sense. It also brings up something regarding the midi as well as the sample rate. ever since then some of the other neural dip plugins don’t function

Please, contact support@neuraldsp.com describing your issue and specifying your setup (CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Storage, Operating system, DAW, audio interface, etc) as detailed as possible. If you could attach screenshots and/or audio clips it would be great.