Cubase backing tracks controlling stomp via midi toggle question

I have set up some backing tracks in cubase and have it controlling my stomps on and off during the track. All is fine if I play all the way through and all the toggling is run in sequence, my issue, that isn’t a fault but something I’d like a solution to, is that if I stop mid way and start again the toggling will be the opposite to what I want. Is there a way to send an “on” or “off” midi message rather than a “toggle” that way I could put “stomp off” midi controller message on each of the 8 buttons at the start of each tune as a reset.

I’ve tried putting a “0” at the start but that also toggles the switch to the opposite of its current state.

Sooooo, I ended up compromising and using scenes, essentially making eight scenes that more or less cover all my required stop box configurations. Its quite lacking vs one controller for on off on each stomp but at least the scene only reflects the current cc value rather than toggling. If interested its CC 43, a pain in cubase to draw because you use values 0-7 of 127 so lots of maximising and minimising the screen to check where you’re at when drawing the controller value., just finding out how to add cc43 which isn’t in the standard list was time consuming. I love my quad cortex to bits, but I’m used to the Kemper forum and the simply enormous user base and support, I also miss the vastly superior tuner.