Background hiss while playing

Hi guys,

since today, there`s some strange background noise (hiss) coming out of the QC while playing.
I had that once befor (unfort. during gig) but it was gone the other day. Now it´s back again… :frowning:

I tried to capture that in this video:
This noise coming through all outputs and those following steps didn´t help:

  • change power-options (incl power conditioner)
  • change cable(s)
  • remove all other devices from the signal chain
  • did a factory reset

“Fun” fact: The noise is getting less when the volume knob is on “100” - but still there. It´s louder between 0-99 (volume-level).

Any ideas how to solve that?

Thx a lot in advance for your help and all the best from Germany

Pleaae contact


I hear the springs of your guitar…

It’s more like the speaker it’s near a snare drum :rofl:

Played it with a Les Paul - so no springs at all :wink:
But I agree, this is how it sounds like :see_no_evil:

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Update (in case someone else has a similar issue):
I reached out to the support, sent a report and it seems (quote) “as if a cable that transfers the analogue to digital signal may be malfunctioning”
QC is now on its was from Germany to Finland (fingers crossed :wink: ) to get that fixed by Neural DSP.

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