Quad Correx Crackling Noise

**CorOS Version: 2.1

A few days ago my QC started to do crackling sounds just like here https://youtube.com/shorts/9j8rTswK8Io?si=dCzU-XbpI-EWu8p4
And I cannot solve this problem, this happens random and I have to play some big shows in days, so I just don’t know what to do right now, cause I got a lot of sounds designed just by QC

I rebooted it a lot
Tried to update to the latest OS
Just can’t solve this
Cables a ok, crackling sound goes from all outputs

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Some similar issues has been described in this thread. In my case, I had to ship in my QC to get it fixed.

Yea man. Same thing is happening to mine. Happening before I did the update. Now I’m getting this awful crackling noise. Started with my volume button jumping up and down by itself. Now I have this awful noise I can’t diagnose and it’s really bumming me out

I’ve had the same problem. It is intermittent and the crackling will be consistent for a week or two and then go away for a while. It is not a subtle crackling, it is loud and pronounced and renders the QC as not much more than a “paperweight” as someone else has mentioned. Interestingly, the crackling was both on my headphones and speaker, but when I recorded my playing over USB (using Photo Booth on Mac) there was no crackling but it was a dry signal. I want to look into that more (why a dry signal and why no crackling), but the crackling has gone away, at least for the moment. I would be interested to know if you record the signal over USB does the recording have the crackling?

Since this seems to be a known issue with the analog output circuitry of some units, it makes sense that it wouldn’t effect the USB signal. Previous posts indicate that having the analog-out circuitry repaired/replaced is the remedy.

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Just because I’m worrying that this could happen to me as well… to those who are experiencing this issue: is it an early device or a later one where they maybe had to use alternative parts due to pandemic/shortage?

(Is there any revision information of the hardware itself somewhere or just a serial which is internally tracked by Neural for this kind of information?)

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I got this issue in a year and a half of active using(4-5 gigs in a week) here

That’s a great question. I hope that someone has the answer.

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I’ll check this today and let you know, and here’s my video of the problem https://youtube.com/shorts/axWqXc8nCKM?si=MJD6xL7F2kZL7tJj

Neural DSP’s support said that they want to retrieve my unit to solve the problem, but I live in Russia and I have doubts if it possible to send my unit to them nowadays, cause I emailed them two days ago and send all the shipping info and they keep silence for a few days, so I think a just throw away 2000$ for my unit and don’t know how to play my gigs( its very disappointing

Here’s video of my problem https://youtube.com/shorts/axWqXc8nCKM?si=MJD6xL7F2kZL7tJj

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Impressive playing, Krevetka! In the video, is the sound coming through your analog outputs or USB?

Thanks a lot! It’s analog, I’ve been on tour last few days, came home today and gonna check another outputs to get all the information, this problem upsets me a lot

Very frustrating! That noise renders the unit unusable. Hopefully you can get it repaired before your next show.

I have an early device, but there wasn’t an issue until a few months ago.

I was having the same crackling issue. I backed up my unit and then reset it to factory settings. After doing so, I still had the issue until I disconnected everything, powered down, and started over again. Now, it’s been several days without any crackling. I’m not confident this is the long-term solution as I’ve cycled through this issue a couple of times over the past several months. As someone has stated, perhaps the long term solution will be to return it to the factory, which I’ll do if it returns. But for now, its working again.

What I am afraid of is that this problem is totally random and I’m playing big shows in front thousands of people and I can’t be confident

I get this problem also. It really seems like a pretty simple hardware issue, like a bad solder joint because my fix for this has literally been to drop the unit about 3 inches and the crackling goes away. Like something inside needs to be slid around or something. It sounds like when a guitar pot is going bad and crackles when you turn it, but just all the time. Deoxit in the right spot would fix that problem.

Those of you in the USA, where do you end up sending your unit for fixing this? Because I will probably do the same thing.

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I’m waiting for an answer from NDSP support, about hot to ship unit for them to fix, i would be happy if there is a place in Russia where this problem could be fixed, but I don’t know and I am not confident about repairing it by myself, and also when it works well it is the best unit nowdays I don’t know how to replace it

I had this issue before, 1 years a go, while recording, using the QC as the soundcard, it awfully crackling and make some artifacts noise, and render it poorly on recording, and then, I swap the power supply with mission engineering 529m, all the problem solve (hope so), but I rarely use my QC now as you do, I read somewhere that the QC original power supply are pain in the ass (on discord or somewhere), hope you’re resolve your issue, godspeed

Thanks I’ll try this solution and will tell how it goes
Also, Neurals Support is still ignoring me