I can't figure out scene mode

Here is my basic setup:

I have the amp captures clean, edge, and crunch on footswitches C,B,A respectively in Stomp mode. I want to make these “scenes” so they switch seamlessly.

-In scene mode, “A”, I toggle the clean and edge captures OFF at their blocks, and the Crunch ON.
-Next, I select scene B, and do the same idea, but Edge is now the one ON.
-I switch back to scene A and it’s what I just did for B, nothing was saved.
-WTF am I doing wrong?

you have to long-press the parameter you want assigned to scenes; when the little ABCD square shows up next to it, you are good. To assign it to the on/off bypass function, hold down the ‘power button’ icon next to the Scene letter (A, in the picture attached):


Hey, it works! I thought parameters were only the virtual knobs.

Thank you!

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cool! Glad to help. The ‘bypass’ assignment doesn’t seem to be documented in the manual, it’s kind of hard to figure out at first.

Keep in mind you can also assign things like the output blocks (vol/pan/mute/solo) and splitter/mixer settings to scenes. The combinations seem almost endless!

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