Using pedals in the front of the Cortex?

Hello All

I don’t have it yet but it’s on its way.
Can I run pedals in to the ‘front’ of the unit.
For example have a crunch tone or clean the use a boost or OD ??

Thanks in advance

there are 2 loops that you can use to insert your own pedals with the QC… and the routing is wide open for placement… the QC User Manual is a beautiful thing… and if your QC is literally on the way then you are a VERY lucky person.

Thanks for the quick Response sir.
Ordered so be 2-3 weeks I think maybe longer.
Time to put my normal gig rig to one side as age and pandemics dictate there are no gigs for the foreseeable.
Have all these pedals that I used on and off for gigging.
I ain’t selling them but a couple may be used in this context.
Also using thru a pc so that will be good too.
I know there are a plethora of onboard effects but was just clarifying using day an OCD in the front.

Would you put non digital/mod pedals thru the Loop??

keep in mind… there is already an OCD pedal in the virtual device list… and if you want you could capture your OCD… in either case you would have them internally available… I have some very nice drive/distortion pedals I will be capturing… my REVV G2 and G3… my JHS Morning Glory… my Sinvertek Drive N5… and all of these are analog pedals (non-digital)… but I’ll be capturing them… so in the end they’ll be digital.


Thanks BobbyLane99.

Yeah the Videos go a long way to explaining and the such.
Looking forward to this bad boy arriving.

Thanks again.