Accessories for QC

I think I heard at one of the first QC Q&A’s that Neural might have been planning on some in-house accessories (maybe like pedalboards, power supplies or carrying cases) or more probably some partnerings with third party manufacturers? Was there such talk or was I dreaming? :sweat_smile:

If there are any news on the topic, it would be super cool to hear about it! Especially now that Tier 1 is delayed, at least I would like to get well prepared for my QC by the time it arrives if the ”official” QC accessories are on the market already. :smile:

Anyone else waiting for QC accessories? Anything specific? :yum:

Not sure about Neural-made accessories.

But we’ve been waiting a long while to hear about the PSU.

I’ll be using mine on a pedalboard with a wireless unit and an expression pedal. Trying to decide what size board I should have ready for the QC to “dock” into once it reaches. Hoping this info is made available soon so I can decide what PSU to pickup!

I think the new lehle dual expression pedal will be a good combo with the quad cortex. The depth is 200 mm so the is almost same as cortex.