Cortex Cloud App "Default" Sorting Mode

In the latest iteration of the app, presets and captures in a users’ profile are by default, sorted by “popularity”.

Just a suggestion that it may be better for it to be sorted by latest in time as opposed to popularity so that it would be easier for someone to locate the latest presets or captures uploaded by, for example, an artist they follow.

I know you are able to select to sort by time added, but just suggesting that there should be a ‘global’ setting you can change to set ‘time added’ as the default.

I really wish it’d be able to save defaults. I usually tap the sort button on the side to invert the selection, that’s quicker than going to change the filter and seems to have a similar result to sorting by most recent. But being able to change the default would be awesome, I agree. (I’m out of votes unfortunately)

Yup, but I guess that just holds true from the fact that something that’s new is likely, least popular since it’s just been put up. After time it gets skewed haha.

Unless there is something about how “popularity” works, it is literally the worst way to sort stuff. If something sucks and a few click on it, it gains popularity, and then more people download, and the shitty capture gets even popular

Let us rate these things. Some captures suck, and people know.

OR just scrap this shitty cloud thing altogether and give us a proper file manager so we can have third parties put actual effort into their captures and sell them

But let’s start with a rating system