Cortex Cloud sort by Stars

It seems there is poor user engagement on the Cortex Cloud rating system given that the single most popular Capture currently (at time of writing) has only managed to garner a paltry 37 likes on 1159 stars for a meager 3% positive response rate.

Therefore, due to lack of reliable explicit ratings data it would be useful if we could sort the lists by most starred items as an alternative way to find items of interest.

It may also be beneficial to campaign/inform/encourage the user base to rate their favorites to benefit the community. I’ve seen several people ask for a ratings system without even being aware that one already exists and has since launch.

Edit: Ability to sort by most stars in past week/month vs all time would be ideal.

IMO, ratings are subjective. I would like to see a preview feature to test without downloading and saving first.

I’ll second that, since the sorting by number of downloads isn’t there (yet?) the “preview” feature would really help saving a lot of time when browsing on the Cloud.

Sorting by Stars is coming in the next update :slight_smile:

Not to be that guy but I would almost rather sort by the rocking hand thing because stars are nice but you have to star to download; what if you star, download and do not like, do you unstar?

No point asking for that because it already does that when you choose to search by most popular.

For more than stars?
Could something be popular but not that good?

No, I meant the sort by popular already sorts by the number of rock hand things. I.e. no point asking for what it already does.