SoundCloud imbed in Cortex app

Hey folks, I think it would be really helpful to have SoundCloud integration in the Cortex app when viewing preset details. Of course, this all boils down to what’s feasible in terms of development.

I think it would be helpful if users could hear a sample before favoriting the preset, importing it on QC, just to find out whether or not it’s what they expected. If not possible an alternative would be being able to link to a YouTube vid or SoundCloud channel that way.

I’m not sure how much this bothers other users, but for an IT guy like myself, it bothers me seeing static links without the ability to even copy/paste them from within the app (iOS). That might be a separate feature request altogether though :wink:

As 90% of users can’t even be bothered to enter basic details like settings, I don’t see most people doing this. But it would be cool, nonetheless. I’ve considered adding links in the description, though there is a small character limit currently.


Hi @chad24allc, there is an existing feature request for previewing from the cloud etc., although it doesn’t mention SoundCloud it does list many of the requests you noted within your post:

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Yeah, you’re right. I tried searching beforehand, but didn’t see that one (not sure how I didn’t, given the 84 upvotes). Feel free to merge as necessary. Thank you!