Cloud Mess

I’m new to QC, came over from the plugins.

The cloud is unorganized and hard to search. Any idea if this is being worked on? Like, even a basic tree where you can browse by device would be helpful on the preset side. Better tags and dates on the capture side. User comments!

Right now I either search with a dim flashlight in a dark, smoky cave, or am guided by tablets left from some youtube guitar demigod. I’m frustrated.


The content system is probably the single most frustrating aspect of the QC to me. Some of 2.0 will help with that, but it’s also up to the users to more strictly annotate their uploads. There are numerous ways this could be improved, so hopefully we see something better come along. This problem is going to get exponentially worse as new users show up

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Captures with no details or description are driving me nuts. I don’t think they should be allowed on the public cloud.

Hi @JLantz and welcome to the community! Take a look at NDSP’s development updates for the upcoming CoreOS 2.0 which will address many of those issues: