Cortex Cloud: Sort IRs

The order in which IRs appear in the app and browser seems to be random. This makes it hard to tell what has been uploaded and also hard to find a particular IR. Providing some sorting, at least by name but other ordering such as upload date would be nice.

I would ask in general, if there is a way to categorize captures. Amps, IRs, pedals, etc. Just having them all in one lookup is hard to know what Im getting.

And allow the user to add more detail to the capture like what amp it is, what cab it is, what pedal it is. The names just look so random that I would have no idea what Im downloading. So I ended up downloading a ton of junk.

Well, a folder tree structure in both QC and Cortex Cloud would help a lot to organize.

Agreed. I posted a similar suggestion earlier. The only saving grace at the moment is if you know who uploaded it then it’s easy to find in their profile.