CoreOS 1.1.0 is now available! Lots of fixes, optimizations and new/improved effects!

CorOS 1.1.0 is now available
CorOS 1.1.0 is now available. Download it via Settings > Device Options > Device Updates on your Quad Cortex once connected to Wi-Fi. We recommend that you create a backup before updating your firmware.
CorOS 1.1.0 is our first major update. It includes two brand new devices: Digital Flanger and Shimmer as well as Expression Bypass and auto-engage functionality for expression pedals. Furthermore, all of the Reverb and Delay devices have been optimized allowing for more instances to run in a single Preset. System boot time has been reduced by approximately 25% and USB audio performance has been significantly improved on MacOS and Windows computers.
Read the changelog for the full list of changes.

  • Expression Bypass. Expression Bypass functionality has been added and new controls are now available via the Assign Expression Pedal menu. Bypass On, Invert Range, Bypass Delay, and Switch Type.
  • Digital Flanger. A new Flanger device has been added with a Volume parameter. The current Flanger has been renamed to “Flangerish”.
  • Shimmer. The Shimmer Reverb device has been added.


  • Reverb (Modulated, Cave, Hall, Ambience, Room) devices have been optimized. Significantly more instances can be run in a single Preset.
  • Reverb (Modulated, Cave, Hall, Ambience, Room) algorithms have been improved, resulting in improved clarity and additional openness to sound.
  • Delay (Digital, Ping Pong, Simple, Tape) devices have been optimized. Significantly more instances can be run in a single Preset.
  • System boot time has been reduced by approximately 25%. Users with a large number of user Presets should see even greater improvement in performance.
  • USB audio performance has been significantly improved on MacOS and Windows computers.
  • When downloading Presets or Neural Captures from Cortex Cloud, a spinner now displays when the item is downloading, and a checkmark displays to indicate the download has completed. The checkmark remains visible to indicate previously downloaded items.
  • The default parameters for the Simple Flanger and all Reverb devices have been modified.
  • Items can now be removed from the “Shared with Me” folder.
  • A warning message now displays when connecting to a WiFi network with low signal strength.
  • A warning message now displays when sending logs via the Send Report menu.
  • Several buttons have been optimized in The Directory to provide more space for Preset/Capture/IR names.
  • The Darkglass AOU Captures in Factory Captures 2 have been reorganized to be in the correct order.


  • The Tuner now functions correctly when the FREQ parameter is set to any value other than 440 Hz.
  • An issue where Outputs would at times randomly be swapped or muted upon booting.
  • The Cabsim LEVEL UI has been updated to display “OFF” instead of -12db.
  • An issue where the same Input/Output could be assigned to an Input/Output block as well as an FX Loop block.
  • An issue where quickly dragging & dropping multiple Presets to the “Copy to Cloud” area would result in an error.
  • An issue where the tap tempo footswitch LED would be off after entering & exiting standby mode while the device receives MIDI clock via USB.
  • An issue where Scene labels would overlap long device names on the parameter editor.
  • An issue where the Neural Capture menu would exit slowly when quitting at the first step.
  • An issue where loading a Preset with expression pedal assignments would quickly sweep from the min to max value.
  • An issue where using the “Set parameters as defaults” function would not store expression pedal assignments.
  • An issue where backup file information would not display correctly when logged in to multiple devices.
  • An issue where Reverb devices warble momentarily when added to The Grid.
  • An issue where duplicating a Preset or Capture could exceed the max character limit.
  • An issue where Starred Presets would display in the Starred Captures list after removing a star from a Neural Capture in The Directory.
  • An issue where duplicated Factory Presets would unnecessarily have a number appended to their name.
  • An issue where Gig View could open behind the parameter editor when triggered with MIDI CC#46.
  • An issue where the author name would show as the sender name when sharing a public Preset/Capture via Cortex Mobile.
  • The touch area for the bypass button in the parameter editor has been expanded.
  • An issue where some folders in The Directory would incorrectly have drag-and-drop functionality.
  • An issue where an incorrect error message would display when uploading a Preset/Capture whose name already existed on the associated Cortex Cloud account.
  • An issue where the “something went wrong” error would display behind the parameter editor, preventing the device from being restarted.
  • A crash occurring when opening Neural Capture while the device receives MIDI clock via the MIDI DIN jack.
  • An issue where the device would become slow after assigning multiple parameters to an expression pedal, moving the device block, then using the undo function.
  • An issue where using the Up footswitch to navigate through devices would remove the active block’s bypass when the parameter editor was open.
  • An issue where a disabled Grid path would appear enabled after tapping the Input/Output blocks multiple times.
  • An issue where some FX Loop blocks could not be created after using the undo function to change Input/Output block types.
  • An issue where CC Toggle could be selected in the On Preset Load Message menu.
  • An issue where a Scene label would be displayed next to the microphone name in the parameter editor of the cab block when using certain bass cabinets.
  • An issue where changing the master volume would not take effect while the Tuner was active when streaming USB audio.
  • An issue where the Tuner would not detect a signal after changing the input and power-cycling the device.
  • An issue where a Cloud Preset is still viewable in The Directory if the Preset is deleted via Cortex Mobile while The Directory is open.
  • An issue where “Error 203” would appear when double-tapping the delete button when deleting a Preset or Capture from Cortex Cloud via The Directory.
  • An issue where the device would become unresponsive to MIDI messages after spamming MIDI messages in quick succession.
  • An issue where an existing Preset would be overwritten when creating a new Preset via the contextual menu when the Setlist is full.
  • An issue where the Shared with Me folder would return to the page it was closed on when leaving and returning to The Directory.
  • An issue where IR names would be preserved in the Save menu when saving a Preset after saving an IR.
  • An issue where Presets/Captures could become un-starred when scrolling the Cloud folders near the Star icons.
  • An issue where tags would not correctly display when downloading a Preset and modifying the bank location.
  • An issue where parameters could not be unassigned from Scenes when using a custom IR in the Cab block.
  • The save button on The Grid now correctly returns to its default state 2 seconds after tapping it to save your changes.
  • An issue where some bass cabs would sound distant upon initial load.
  • An issue where the Foog device’s MIX parameter would show 0-10% instead of 0-100%.
  • Several minor backend fixes and optimizations.

Thanks NeuralDSP! This update dropped just before a big gig this weekend and i love the additions and fixes…

Flanger - Amazing job, now THAT’S what a Flanger should sound like, and it’s great even with the default settings… thank you!

Shimmer - Again, great job… it’s perfect for some background pads and swells… nice. It would be great to add a crystals/reverse pitch setting for that classic Crystals Eventide type sound but i’m not complaining… works great as is.

Wah Auto Engage - Big, big thanks on this one. It has freed up 3 scenes in my main preset to utilise more efficiently, in fact i could play a full show now on a single preset and still have a scene spare… really happy with that!

And yes, the entire preset appears to be running more efficiently…

The only things on my wish list now is Tap Tempo sync for Modulations (actually i’m still surprised this wasn’t implemented at launch) and a nicer sounding Chorus (I’m currently using two in parallel just to simulate what should be achievable in one)

But all in all, awesome job to all involved!



Thanks for all of the changes so quickly. I am enjoying the Quad Cortex. Best Piece of gear I have purchased.

I can now add blocks I couldn’t before to existing presets!
This helped me a lot.

The New flanger is much improved! Good job.

Please Please take a look at the following.

  1. The Rotory is not right. It needs to be replaced or corrected. Please listen to No Matter What by Badfinger and try to duplicate.

  2. When in gig mode if you save a title for a scene it does not save with the save button. You have to close down gig mode and enter editing mode and click on the disk icon to get the title to save. Unless i’m missing something this needs to be corrected / fixed. It’s creating much more work; closing and reopening Gig View.

Thank You for such a wonderful product.

Great work!

Experiencin something annoying while previewing and deleting captures. When I am previewing amp captures via changing object devices, if there is one I don’t like i go delete it right away and then continue previewing others. Deleting the capture sets the capture object to bypass. To unbypass, I need to load a valid capture first, select to turn off bypass, then I can resume previewing captures objects. Would help a lot if selecting a new capture into the capture object would turn off bypass automatically or if I could turn it off manually even though the capture is No longer valid. This back and forth is messy. Downloading 20 captured to preview and deleting them as I go makes this workflow time consuming!

It’s kind of old news until NDSP cleans up that whole process. For now, I do the same…search and find something I want to try, download and preview. It would be nice to preview prior to downloading but for now, it’s not possible until they update the app, cloud and provide a desktop editor/ manager etc.

I hope they‘ll never provide a desktop manager cause literally ever other device has it, plus there is still my DAW and vsts.

I just want something usable at my finger tips that does not need mouse and keyboard to sound right.


Medium Great Work.
Update regarding workflow is necessary. Preview, Capture differentiation (Amp, Box, Pedal, etc.), Folder structure, app and so on.

I’m honestly a little surprised they’ve neglected to categorize the neural captures. I hope that is fixed soon.

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