CorOS 2.1.0

The last development update states that the editor would come later. In the meantime, I’m happy for this feature-rich update.


Oh ok…didn’t know that…I take it back then :slight_smile:

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This is a great update and tbh the product keeps getting better. I am totally looking forward to the Desktop Editor. For me thats when everything opens up.


I ordered a gt-1000core before I went to bed last night because of my waning patience and increasing frustration with the QC. Woke up to this update, a step in the right direction, but NDSP is losing me.

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The Matchless sound so good! Great job. Love the volume and new wah too. Lot’s of other great stuff. For some reason everything seems to sound better.


Not sure if you’ll regrett it. The Boss gt-1000core is from my point of view a usability nightmare, even if you try to use it with the desktop editor. Had sold mine quite fast.


Nice update, I am happy to finally see the ability to set a custom color to each scene in gig mode.
Unfortunately, still no “easy” mono mode (detect if only one cable is connected, or just an option in the global settings), and still no “symbolic link/shortcut” system in the setlists instead of having to copy the presets (and if you change one preset that you use in several setlists, you have to go and edit it in every setlists).
Still a good move forward!