Copying complex signal chains between scenes/presets

  • Copying/importing/saving signal chains -

I’ve got a bunch of different vocals chains :studio_microphone: I’d like to import onto several guitar presets to suit particular song or sections. Selecting and copying whatever part of the signal chain from other scenes or presets (instead of a single module or the whole scene) would be a big time saver in this kind of scenario in my opinion. :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Also having a folder for saving our recurring go-to chains may be of great help. :open_file_folder:

@Guitem had already addressed this topic in this November '20 post:

I couldn’t find it under requests nor leave a vote, so I thought I’d just make a new topic. @dan maybe you could help us with joining the two threads? Thanks in advance :pray:

A workaround could be to save a preset snd call it template. It could contain everything you want then import it up a blank preset before beginning the new preset. Obviously not perfect if you want to add it to an already existing preset.

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