Questions about signal routing

So I have a couple of questions. I’m just trying to mentally get how I would like to setup my QC when I receive it. I’m super excited!!!

  1. How many separate signals can be run at one time? I thought I read it was 4 at once.

  2. I saw that Steven said that you can setup numerous captures in a signal chain and then use scenes to switch between them. If separate signal chains can be setup is there a way to setup several (like clean, rhythm and lead signal chains) and then use scenes to switch between those?

  3. If there are separate signal chains that can be setup, how many could be setup as dry signals? I’m wondering if it is possible to setup an amp tone and then run a couple dry tracks for reamping later?

You can route up to 4 signals (4 inputs) however you want from each input to each output or split signal chains at any position to any position (back again into a chain oder to another output). So I think, all three of your points are possible, as long as the CPU power goes not exhausted.

They wrote that captures needs less CPU as modeled amp sims. How many of them you can put in would have to be tried out.

I do not think that in scenes you can switch on/off a whole chain, but the blocks in the chains, which is actually the same result.

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If I understand your question, I think the easy way to do that chain switching with scenes would be to have a simple volume block set to zero at the beginning of each chain and just “mute” and “unmute” the chains you want. That way you are just switching one block on each.

As for the cleans, yes I believe so, you can split your input into an amp track and a clean track and record both at the same time

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Awesome! Thanks for chiming in guys! I really appreciate the info.
I’m super excited about the QC and having these possibilities is gonna make tracking and live playing sweet!