How to copy one line to other preset

I ran into this same issue on the weekend. I couldn’t find an elegant solution other than copying each block individually between presets. It was a pain, especially as you have to remember to save the preset you’re copying to before switching back to the one you’re copying from, or else you lose the pasted block…

Also I had trouble where the preset I was copying from was using scenes, so when I pasted it into the new preset, on a different scene, the values were incorrect, because they were assigned to a different scene, I guess?! It was very confusing.

In the end, I pasted each block, and then went back to the original preset, and took photos of each block’s parameters and then just reset them on the new preset.

Would be awesome if we could get a workflow like this streamlined.

In fact now I think about it, losing the values because they were on different scenes when pasting feels like a bug/undesired behaviour… Think I might report that.

Currently, you can’t copy a signal chain in it’s entirety from one preset to another. The options you have are to use save as to another user location and edit and or copy and paste each block separately.
If you copy from a block, it will maintain the parameters of the block copied at that time. If a blocks parameters are modified for individual scenes, the parameters used when copied/pasted will remain the same and unchanged. If you would like to copy entire signal chains, please consider posting as a requested feature and then let the community vote on it.