Copy path of a scene

Hi everyone, I need to copy just a scene, or the active path of it, to an empty preset cause I need only that sound and I need to organise a new setlist.

For example i need to copy just the path of channel 3 of the stock John’s Amp preset to a new empty preset.

Thank in advance for your help.

You can copy/paste scenes within a preset but not to another preset. You would need to copy and paste each block as needed.

So then I need to delete all the other scene if I need only that one particular scene, right?

Basically. If you need to have a scene exactly as used within another preset etc., you would need to copy and paste blocks as needed. If you are within a preset, you can copy and past the scene etc.

Or do a ‘save as’ with the present preset, save it as a new copy, and delete stuff you don’t need in the new preset