Copy and paste whole signal paths between presets?

I see the Quad has four independent signal paths per preset. Is it possible to copy an entire effects chain in one of the signal paths, go to another preset and paste that entire signal path into an empty signal path there? And/or can you save signal paths as a group and import them into an empty signal path in another preset? Finally is it possible make one signal path scene 1, another scene 2, another scene 3, and another scene 4?

I ask because, having experience with both the KPA and Helix is that to my understanding that the Quad doesn’t have spillover and gapless switching between presets. (I briefly owned a helix and found it impossible to switch presets mid song as the audio gap was too big unless there was a second or two break in my playing. I found it cumbersome to have to copy and paste multiple effect blocks into new presets for new songs just to include a go-to effect chain for part of that new song, that I use in other songs; it would be much easier to simply change presets

The usefulness of this feature, (don’t know if it has it or not, which is why I am asking) is that I always create a handful of go-to presets requiring an entire effects chain. By the way 99.9% of the time, I would never require the use of more than one signal path at a time, even if I wanted to toggle between signal paths throughout a song. For example, the perfect autoswell (or manual swell) which has a comp set just so, a particular amp and cab, the swell effect, a comp after that, and a some ambience set up to function just fine in any tempo. If I want to use that effect in a new song, if there’s spillover between preset in the Quad no prob, I just copy paste that template preset in any bank I want to use it in. But if there’s not spillover ( and a second or two audio gap between presets like the Helix) than I have to copy and paste a whole string of effects one at a time, going back and forth from the template preset to the new song-specific preset, hitting save each. But, if I could simply paste the entire singular signal path from a template preset, (and the ability to toggle signal paths of the same preset by the use of Scenes) it’s a simple three step process. 1) go to the template preset, select one signal path, copy it, 2) go to new preset, select empty signal path, hit paste 3) hit save.