Cloud: Organize captures and presets in categories

It’s a bit chaotic in the cloud at the moment. Often you don’t know what was captured because many users don’t give meaningful names, descriptions and tags.

After capturing when entering the name, the user should therefore be asked by means of radio buttons to specify the category (mandatory field):
Stomp | Preamp | Amp only | Amp + Cab | Power Amp | Cab only
(Did I forgot something?)

With this information, the captures in the cloud can be organized by type. On this basis, NDSP could also assign different icons by type (coloring or small signs on them).

The same thing could be done with presets, e.g. Clean | Crunch | Mid Gain | Hi Gain | Ambient.

Yes! Hashtags are helpful for finding things, but should not replace more precise organization like you’re laying out here. Love the mandatory categories.

Your last question illustrates the need for some serious thought around metadata, particularly given the desire to expand captures into time-based fx. There are probably other data items that should be included such as brand / model of main capture item, guitar/bass, and other stuff that hasn’t occurred to us yet.

Just adding metadata as we think of it is gonna create a mess. If there are too many items, it’ll be tedious for the kind people sharing captures.