Capture Naming and Description

When creating a capture you can obviously name it, however I think the option to add a short description would be great. If I’m downloading a capture from the cloud and it’s called something like “Heavy Riff”, that doesn’t tell me what it’s actually captured.

The option to add a short description will allow us to name them as we please as well as having the information of the capture available to see.

Using the tags should help tell more about the preset created. There is also room for descriptions with the captures so things like “HBE” or “fender reverb” can be added.

While looking through the captures it seems this will get messy very quickly unless there is some detail in the naming. It is very helpful to have some form on the amp name, channel and gain to help sort and give some frame of reference. If you run out of room then the descriptor can be the place for TMB and Master or other settings along with noting DI or the cab. It will really help for captures and since there is no visible reference for gain of the capture you will have to test a bunch if you don’t have some descriptor guidance.