Cloud: Song/artist tags

I’d love to be able to quickly find a great preset for a particular song. If presets are named after a song that kinda works today, but it’s not very flexible. If artist and song were both structured fields I could filter by/search for it’d be a breeze.

Here are a couple of requests for more searchability (tags). These are for captures, but also mention presets. They each have a significant number of votes. Check them out.

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Yes. Wouldn’t it be great to have a series of presets, for example’ 78 Brown, High Voltage, Gibbons Eliminator… etc
Could be reviewed by users, and discussions on how to improve each preset.
This would open up the QC and help to demystify its advanced features.
Could be integrated with the Cloud!
Especially for geezer, like me, who bought the unit to replace an amp and are not au fait with tech!