Improve Capture organization (menus, favorites) and Discoverability (searching)

I’ve written elsewhere about the need to overhaul the Capture menu screen - replacing the grid of meaningless integers with renamable, perhaps nested, Capture groups - and the need to add some kind of search functionality for Captures. Right now, Search applies to Presets, not Captures, which is especially vexing considering you can add named Preset setlists and make Presets pretty easy to keep track of either way. As for Captures, they’re difficult to organize, they’re impossible to organize into meaningfully named groups, and they can’t be found via Search.

Similarly, Presets can be tagged as Favorites, but Captures cannot. By this point, all of my go-to Presets are in my Favorites or in the first page of my Preset banks, but building a new Preset is often a chore because relevant Captures are scattered under a haystack of non-descript integers. (The end user should not be expected to act as a memory controller/ file system manager.)

At least one of these issues needs to be addressed, if not all of them. Search results inclusive of Captures would be the easiest of the lot. IMO this is the very first thing Neural should tackle. It should be pretty low-hanging fruit, with a major return on investment in terms of practical usability.

While I’m on the subject, I’d like to suggest another feature: in addition to being able to tag Captures as Favorites, it would be wonderful if you could tag Captures according to their function and category. For instance, if you could select a Capture, and then click a menu item to indicate, “this is a Guitar Overdrive”, and then see that Capture grouped in the Guitar/Overdrive menu (along with the corresponding model blocks - one stop shopping!) while building Presets, that would improve usability considerably.

Food for thought…

I agree with all of your suggested changes. When dealing with the amount of presets, and captures that the QC is capable of storing, some kind of sensible file management is absolutely essential! I’m amazed and appalled that they haven’t had something reasonable in place yet.

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Agree with all that

My big problem is we should be able to create new Capture folders like setlists

Why do we get 2 ‘Factory Capture’ folders, and only 1 ‘My Captures’?

I’ve been dedicating each row of 4 banks/32 spots to specific amp heads
I search and download all available, and then go thru them

I leave the first 2 rows/64 spots free as the captures download to the first empty space, same as capturing
I prob don’t need that many, but just in case I go over 32 and they start inserting in empty spaces throughout my organised captures

But I’m finding I don’t have hardly any room left for pedals and amp/cab combos, which I also want to organise separately


When Changing a Block in the Signal Chain it would be really Helpful if there was a search bar like when you add a new one.

Sometimes I’d like to change the Amp to a specific one. Maybe a Specific Capture and I already know the Amps Name But I cannot type in the name to change the device.

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Please give us an option to add the stomp captures or amp captures also to a favourite map…
So we dont have to scroll through hundreds off captures if we want to use a favourite capture…