Identify the Neural Capture with colored icon

Right now, it is quite a mess when working with captures, you don’t know if it is an Amp, an amp with a cab, a drive pedal, or any sort of combo of the previoulsy mentionned.


It would be a GREAT addition, if the Neural Capture block which is currently Black and White would be color coded to know what we are dealing with
Amp: Black and Red
Amp and Cab: Black and Purple
Drive pedal: Black and Orange
Drive pedal with Amp: Black and White (current icon)

When capturing, at the moment user must enter a name and tag, there could be a checkbox menu asking ‘‘What has been captured?’’ this would be mandatory, choice would put the capture under the right category.

I think this could be taken a step further by allowing us to select an icon for each capture type. Could be the stock icons, but probably would make more sense to create dedicated icons for all of the possible capture types.


Perhaps adding device “pips” to the capture icon could also work and would be better than what we currently have? At a glance you could see what was included. This does require the capture to be properly “tagged” but that shouldn’t be too hard for anyone to do at capture time if there were a list of checkboxes for the devices included.

An example Capture icon:



1- I can live with that
2- your skillz at making an icon > my skillz

some great suggestions here. I think it’s a great idea to differentiate between the different types of captures and is certainly necessary to more quickly figure out what’s needed for the patch being built.

I think that taking into account the specifics of the capture, the icon can be greatly simplified, since the position of the pips can encode which block is present in the capture.
For example:

  • drv+amp+cab
  • preamp only
  • amp+cab
  • drv only

This will keep the design nice and clean.


as much as I like the clean design, I like this less.
Unless you know what is what its not easy to see.
Unless its color coded, or there are pips as shown before.

Imagine if you have more than one in the chain… it would be complicated.
Color will pop out and ‘‘limit’’ the differences between the capture of an amp, vs an amp block

This is definitely cleaner, and I think my design - which was a quick hack job could be simplified by just removing the borders and keeping the icons, which would possibly allow 4 pips across. My reasoning behind using the icons rather than a positional abstraction is that it’s been mentioned that time-based FX could be added as part of a capture at some point, so using the icons allows you to express the entire range of what might end up “in” a capture. And if there are enough items you could move to two rows and it would still be clear what was contained. I kept the borders mostly for the color coding aspect as I suspect over time that will just become ingrained in most users minds - orange is X, red is Y - you could just color -code the icons themselves and remove the borders and this would likely still be intuitive while allowing every possible device that can be captured to be supported.

All that being said - all of the design work you do for your suggestions is top-notch! haha and your design aesthetic dwarfs anything I’d do, but in this case there was reasoning behind the icons vs true “pips” in that sense, and I wanted to explain the thought behind it.

Well, or so:
the difference between the amplifier and the preamplifier is denoted by different icons, as in Helix. In general, you can also add colors, the main thing is not to draw full icons with frames, it’s too cumbersome


Yep, pretty much that, with color-coding as an option as there are a few things that have similar waveform icons that could be confusing when squished down that far but that’s the idea

What I had in mind

Amp with Cab


Amp + Cab + Drive:

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This FR has 2 goals in the end:

1- make it easier to work with the grid, knowing what is on it easily - especially on a preset you did not make yourself but got from the cloud.

2- get some order in the growing amount of captures out there and ‘‘force’’ people to sort them out.

While this coding method is less intuitive than additional icons or dots (you still need to remember the color coding), it certainly better retains the concept of pure QC design. To tell the truth, I can’t even decide which of the options I would prefer :slight_smile:

P.S. No, though, after adding the half dot that denotes the preamp, the dotted option is my favorite. Of course, it does not allow deferentiating various effects other than distortion, which may appear in the future, but for now this is all just a fantasy and we can ignore them.

Uploading png / jpeg or svg icons would be a cool feature.

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I still think a better method is to have check boxes (drive, preamp, poweramp, cab) inside the capture settings or name details page. This gets stored as metadata and is searchable and viewable on the app. These check boxes show up when you click on the capture block.

One concern I have with using colors is its impact on Gig View. Color is an important cue about the function of the switch in Stomp Mode and, given the limited palette, having the color vary by type of capture either

  1. Results in color collisions with other block types
  2. Results in inconsistency between the color of a block on the grid vs. the color of the block in Gig View

As a result, I much prefer the idea of icon variations rather than simply different colored versions of the same icon.

My $0.02, IMHO, FWIW, YMMV, etc.


I’m strongly against this approach, this looks to me like a broken slideshow navigation. There has to be the needed information at a glance without the need to transfer from another very cryptic set of iconographic language.

And what is cryptic about it, the Dots simply symbolize typical capture blocks in their typical locations in the chain. The left dot is the effect, the middle dot - amp, and the right dot - cabinet. Any other variation of the arrangement is unlikely to be in great demand there. Or will it be?

The information that is least important is that it being a capture, the most important thing is what type of gear has been captured. the “scribbled globe” icon is taking most of the place but has the least information. This is also enforced by your and other approaches. i want to see distinct icons for type of device (e.g. gain/dist/overdrive/fuzz/preamp/clean channel/crunch/high gain channel/cab/combo, also modulation and timebased for the future). Typically there is one or two device captured, so even showing two icons could be feasible for a block, or you use a combined icon for the most important combinations (e.g. amp and cab). Furthermore chains are not more important than what single devices are used in my opinion.

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If we ignore the hypothetical captures of modulation and timebased effects for now, then in addition to the cabinet and the amplifier, all the effects possible for capture (dist, overdrive, fuzz etc) have the same icon in the QC, because in fact they are similar, and the same place relative to the cabinet and the amplifier. There is no channel differentiation either, it’s still the same combo icon. I have nothing against different icons for overdrive and distortion, but I don’t think it is very important in the context of the capture. You just need to know that there is one amplifier, with a cabinet or with some kind of effect. More detailed information about what effect or enhancer it is should be contained in the title and description of the capture. But perhaps I agree that we need a separate icon for capturing effects only