Fuzz models

I’m a happy quad cortex user, but I do have issues with the fuzz models. They do not react the same way fuzzes do in real life in my point of view. there’s too much high end, which I can only compensate for by lowering the input impedance, since fuzzes mostly have 10K impedance. Am I the only one having issues with it? Or how could I solve this situation? Kind regards from The Netherlands!

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I think you have taken the right approach. Selecting a lower impedance and placing the fuzz at the beginning of the signal chain are typical measures taken to get a more authentic fuzz tone with a modeler.

I agree with HonestOpinion - it’s not an issue, you are simply using it correctly.
The way the fuzz interacts with the guitar pickups is by having low input impedance and being up front.
Otherwise, you may get a nice tone, but you won’t get the same response as with an analog pedal, since the responce comes from the interaction with the pickups, which happens at low input impedance.

I’ve got a Redbeard honey badger in front of my QC and I use it with the plugins sounds amazing, wasn’t very impressed with the fuzz tones on the QC , so the reason for buying it as a add on.

Thanks for the replies. I still do not understand though why one needs to manually lower the input impedance. It’s a global setting that affects all presets.

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Agree, total PITA on the QC right now. Impedance should be able to be set in each scene. Nice I suppose to be able to assign as a parameter to a footswitch as well, although scenes would accommodate most folks. Hopefully this will make it into a firmware update.

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In addition to making impedance a preset/scene level setting instead of global, the Helix also has an Auto impedance global setting. It can be set to either the first block in the signal chain, or the first active block in the signal chain (skips bypassed blocks at beginning of chain till it hits the first active one). Pointing this out just to elaborate on alternate approaches.

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So the only issue I have is and fyi I have a lot of pedals. My fuzz pedals sound great with my amps but not so much with the quad which is fine. I can do without them. They just don’t sound fuzzy enough. It could be the amps I’m choosing. I haven’t really fooled around enough with other amps with it yet. Not a big deal. I don’t gif so like I said I just use them with my amps. But I think the quad is great with feel and sound and the UI is great. And it’s nice and compact.

I captured a few lesser known fuzz pedals and shared them on the cloud.

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Unpleasant Surprise

I don’t think we’re at a point where modeling can quite capture the nuances of a fuzz pedal or the way it reacts, which is unfortunate, because I love me a good fuzz pedal. The QC just isn’t there yet when it comes to fuzz.

Nothing can capture the nuances of fuzz related pedals yet but I think the QC will be able to in the not so distant future.